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About Us

Based on the belief in femininity, the "LAFAGIET" store offers clothes that fully meet the needs of women for impressive appearances on any occasion.

The company was created in 1978 by Mr. Papadimitriou Georgios and since then operates in Karditsa. Our experience, combined with the requirements of today's woman, make us competitive in the field, trying to satisfy even the most demanding woman.

Given that every woman is special and unique, we recommend clothes with an emphasis on the quality of raw materials and the perfect fit.

With an emphasis on detail, our proposals meet both everyday and ambiguous clothing.

The combination of classic elements with creative designs and quality fabrics, the fashion trends of each season, are the bases on which we aim and envision the woman who is and wants to look and be attractive.

In all these 40 years we have followed strict quality criteria, combining the classic elements of fashion with the latest trends in haute couture.

All of us at the company "LAFAGIET" are proud of the recognition we have gained in the field of fashion and that is why we will continue to apply the basic principles that led us to today's success.


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